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Instrumentation Equipment

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Manufactures a line of world class data loggers that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, p... more>>
Offers level and position measurement instruments including hydrostatic, TDR, radar, magnetostrictive and more.

BDI, Boulder, CO

BDI provides efficient structural health monitoring and load testing services and equipment all over the world.
Manufactures conveyor accessories including conveyor controls and switches, level and motion controls, aerators, belt rip detectors, flow switches, mo... more>>

ELDU, Bilbao, Spain

At Eldu we offer a wide variety of services tailor-made to suit the needs of each client: engineering, assembly of installations and facilities, energ... more>>

Electroswitch, Weymouth, MA

Designs, manufactures, and markets standard and custom-designed switches, relays, and other electrical system products for utility, industrial, and mi... more>>

EquipNet Inc, Canton, MA

EquipNet, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of used equipment and instrumentation, proactive asset management services and solutions for large and ... more>>
Provides the reliable and low-maintenance Leakwise Oil-on-Water Detection and Monitoring Systems and is the world's leading manufacturer of portable, ... more>>

GE Energy Connections, Taylorsville, UT

GE supports your electrical/mechanical hydro service needs includes generator, turbines, coils/bars, field poles, test and inspect, installation along... more>>
Worldwide distributor of unique conduits to protect wires, cables and fiber optic bundles; infrared, laser, high pressure inductive, high temperature ... more>>


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