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SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH
Gabelhoferstr 25
Judenburg, Styria A-8750

Key Personnel: Global Prod Mgr Machined Seals: Heimo Rehschuetzecker
Phone: 43-3572-82555-0
Fax: 43-3572-82555-104

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH

Supplies machined seals and advanced engineered plastic parts for all industry sectors. Offers a comprehensive product range of high-performance materials and customer-specific sealing solutions for the hydropower energy sector.

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH Products

SKF Rotor Blade Seal

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SKF Spherical Valve Seals

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SKF Butterfly Valve Seals

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SKF Ring Gate Seals

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