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Is committed to supplying customers with state-of-the-art, affordable premium products and services. Is focused on quality and reliability, with regar
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Featured Suppliers

Hibbard Inshore is an underwater services company experienced in internal long tunnel, penstock, trash rack, bathymetry, and general dam projects, with a range of sensors, tooling, and remotely operat...
Seal leaks in the monolith joints of concrete gravity dams. Our revolutionary and proprietary CYLutions cylinders replace failed waterstops in leaking monolith joints in your dams. Installations inclu...
ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“From Water to Wire") for hydropower plants. With over 170 years of accumulated experience and more than 30,000 turbines i...
Aero-K® is an Aerosol patented potassium spray Fire Suppression agent, either a smoke detection system or non-electrical thermal units used in remote telecommunication sites, hazmat storage facilities...
OEM Manufacturer of Alpine Machine Hydro Trash Rake Systems. Machine shop, fabricator, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, certified non-destructive testing (WFMP - Lvl II), hydraulic cylinder repa...
Manufactures trash racks and rakers for power generation, wastewater treatment plants, pulp, paper and steel mills, municipal water intakes, storm water pump stations and petro chemical industries.
Waterway Barriers/Buoys – Log & Debris Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Aquatic Vegetation Barriers, Dam Safety Buoys, Engineering, Global installations including the World's Largest Debris Barrier – UHE...
For over forty years, Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) has delivered unparalleled support to the hydroelectric industry. With our global response capabilities, our 200+ member dive team deliv...
WKV manufactures Pelton, Francis, Crossflow and Turgo turbines <25 MW, speed and level governors, synchronous alternators <30 MVA (specialized on HEP, but also for various applications and prime mover...
Lakeside Equipment Corporation is a proven provider of reliable, efficient, cost-effective equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. With a wide range of systems and products...
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Basler Electric

BoatBuster - Public Safety Boat Barriers

Worthington Products Inc

Francis Turbines

Wasserkraft Volk AG

Hydro Consulitng's Field Machining & Cavitation Repair

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc

Trash Rake System

Hydro Component Systems LLC

Trash Racks

Hydro Component Systems LLC

HCS Trash Raker

Hydro Component Systems LLC

DECS-2100 Digital Excitation Control Systems

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Black & Veatch

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