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Intake Screens Inc
8417 River Rd
Sacramento, CA 95832
United States

Year Founded: 1996
No. of Employees: 14
Key Personnel: Engr Mgr: Darryl Hayes P.E.
Phone: 916-665-2727
Fax: 916-655-2729

Intake Screens Inc

Intake Screens Inc

Offers wedgewire fish protection screens with integrated and proven brush-cleaning systems. Provides retrievable, fine slot, intake systems, engineered for operational reliability and agency compliance for new and retrofit facilities.

Intake Screens Inc Products

Brushed Cylinder for Submerged Intakes

Protect fish from entrainment and impingementProtect pumps from cloggingProtect ... View Product

Brushed Cone for Shallow Intakes

Designs for shallow water, tidal esturaries, and silty conditionsProtects fish f... View Product