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Sulzer Dowding & Mills , Birmingham, United Kingdom - 6 Products

Sulzer manufactures high quality, resin rich and VPI coils and bars for generator and motor applications, with extensive design and manufacturing capability to meet your specifications. Sulzer support...
Dynamic Ratings is a global supplier of electrical apparatus monitoring, controls and communications equipment. We serve customers to improve power generation, transmission, and distribution system re...
Seal leaks in the monolith joints of concrete gravity dams. Our revolutionary and proprietary CYLutions cylinders replace failed waterstops in leaking monolith joints in your dams. Installations inclu...
Northbrook Power Management is a provider of third party management and O&M services throughout the U.S. The Northbrook team comprises specialists in engineering, operations, regulatory, finance and a...
Since 2001, in over 52-Countries, the World's Dam Owners have trusted Worthington for all their waterway barrier needs. We provide: Log & Debris Booms, Ice Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Public Safety...
A diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor, Koontz Electric has been providing high-quality service nationwide to the hydro industry for over 50 years. We maintain a team of experienced prof...
Are the oldest water lubricated/self-lubricated bearings known to man and is the best answer for hydro power plants. No other water lubricated bearing last as long and has the pristine history of wate...
Established in 1853, Gilkes is an international company exporting to over 80 countries worldwide Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manuf...
Specializes in the restoration and repair of large infrastructure.
Provides disassembly and reassembly of hydro turbines and generators, field machining and cavitation repair, generator testing, supervision of generator rewinds, technical directions, staff augmentati...

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Fisheries Engineering and Floating Surface Collectors

Black & Veatch


Worthington Products Inc


Worthington Products Inc

Black & Veatch Power Generation Projects

Black & Veatch

SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller

Basler Electric

Hydronic K

Lakeside Equipment Corp

C50 Series, User Configurable Transformer Monitor

Dynamic Ratings Inc


Worthington Products Inc

Hydroelectric Generation Supply and Consulting


Diving Services

Crofton Industries

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