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Dynamic Ratings is a global supplier of electrical apparatus monitoring, controls and communications equipment. DR provides portable and on-line monitoring and diagnostics of: transformers, generator...
OEM Manufacturer of Alpine Machine Hydro Trash Rake Systems. Machine shop, fabricator, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, certified non-destructive testing (WFMP - Lvl II), hydraulic cylinder repa...
A diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor, Koontz Electric has been providing high-quality service nationwide to the hydro industry for over 50 years. We maintain a team of experienced prof...
Manufactures trash racks and rakers for power generation, wastewater treatment plants, pulp, paper and steel mills, municipal water intakes, storm water pump stations and petro chemical industries.
Waterway Barriers/Buoys – Log & Debris Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Aquatic Vegetation Barriers, Dam Safety Buoys, Engineering, Global installations including the World's Largest Debris Barrier – UHE...
Seal leaks in the monolith joints of concrete gravity dams. Our revolutionary and proprietary CYLutions cylinders replace failed waterstops in leaking monolith joints in your dams. Installations inclu...
For over forty years, Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) has delivered unparalleled support to the hydroelectric industry. With our global response capabilities, our 200+ member dive team deliv...
Lakeside Equipment Corporation is a proven provider of reliable, efficient, cost-effective equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. With a wide range of systems and products...
Established in 1853, Gilkes is an international company exporting to over 80 countries worldwide Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manuf...
Specializing in dam construction and repair services, including underwater inspections, underwater and above water concrete repairs, gate replacements, millwright services, pile driving, and scour rem...

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Kajaki Hydro Power Plant Unit 2

Black & Veatch

Maintenance and Repair Services

Underwater Construction Corp

Trash Racks

Hydro Component Systems LLC

Remedial Water Stop Repair For Monolith Joints in Concrete Gravity Dams

Emagineered Solutions Inc

Fish Guidance Systems

Worthington Products Inc

DECS-2100 Digital Excitation Control Systems

Basler Electric

Long Tunnel Services

Hibbard Inshore LLC

Marine Construction

JF Brennan Co Inc

Black & Veatch Reconctruction Project

Black & Veatch

ANDRITZ HYDRO Compact Hydro (Micro, Mini, Small and Medium Size Turbines)


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