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Featured Suppliers

WKV manufactures Pelton, Francis, Crossflow and Turgo turbines <25 MW, speed and level governors, synchronous alternators <30 MVA (specialized on HEP, but also for various applications and prime mover...

Sulzer Dowding & Mills , Birmingham, United Kingdom - 6 Products

Sulzer manufactures high quality, resin rich and VPI coils and bars for generator and motor applications, with extensive design and manufacturing capability to meet your specifications. Sulzer support...
Are the oldest water lubricated/self-lubricated bearings known to man and is the best answer for hydro power plants. No other water lubricated bearing last as long and has the pristine history of wate...
Operates as a full service marine and underwater construction company providing construction and underwater services for the conduct of design-build and dam rehabilitation projects large and small.
Since 1974, Hendrick manufactures cost effective water intake, fish diversion, and wastewater filtration solutions. Multiple sizes/configurations available including stainless or copper-nickel options...
Dynamic Ratings is a global supplier of electrical apparatus monitoring, controls and communications equipment. We serve customers to improve power generation, transmission, and distribution system re...
Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing, service and plant upgrades. Gilkes range of Pelton, ...
Specializes in dam construction and repair services, including underwater inspections, underwater and above water concrete repairs, gate replacements, millwright services, pile driving, and scour reme...

Black & Veatch, Rancho Cordova, CA - 10 Products

Black & Veatch is global leader in building critical human infrastructure in the energy (including hydropower), water, telecommunications and government services markets. Since 1915, Black & Veatch ha...
Lakeside Equipment Corporation is a proven provider of reliable, efficient, cost-effective equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. With a wide range of systems and products...

Featured Products

Basler's BE1-11g Generator Protection System

Basler Electric

ANDRITZ HYDRO Ocean Kinetics (Tidal, Tidal Current)


Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization

Black & Veatch

BE1-11m Motor Protection System

Basler Electric

Diving Services

Crofton Industries


Worthington Products Inc

DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control Systens

Basler Electric

Turbine Repair and Maintenance

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc

Turgo Turbines

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

Garrison Dam Switchyard Upgrade

Koontz Electric Co Inc

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