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Manufactures trash racks and rakers for power generation, wastewater treatment plants, pulp, paper and steel mills, municipal water intakes, storm water pump stations and petro chemical industries.

Sulzer Turbo Services, Winterthur, Switzerland - 6 Products

A leading, independent, technically-advanced and innovative service provider for all brands of mechanical and electro-mechanical rotating equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, m...
American Babbitt Supports the Hydro industry and provides complete support for repair and manufacturing of Thrust Shoes, Turbine Guide Bearings and Generator Guide Bearings. We offer Fabrication with ...
Aero-K® is an Aerosol patented potassium spray Fire Suppression agent, either a smoke detection system or non-electrical thermal units used in remote telecommunication sites, hazmat storage facilities...
Provides disassembly and reassembly of hydro turbines and generators, field machining and cavitation repair, generator testing, supervision of generator rewinds, technical directions, staff augmentati...
WKV manufactures Pelton, Francis, Crossflow and Turgo turbines <25 MW, speed and level governors, synchronous alternators <30 MVA (specialized on HEP, but also for various applications and prime mover...
Specializing in dam construction and repair services, including underwater inspections, underwater and above water concrete repairs, gate replacements, millwright services, pile driving, and scour rem...
Basler has a global presence and reputation for high quality reliable products, precision manufacturing and worldwide service. Headquartered in Highland IL, Basler has supplied Generator Control & Pro...
 Specialists in missing Pieces. Industry Relies on Sauer piston compressors for pressures of up to 500 bar to control process and production using high-pressure air or gases. Our starting and wor...

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Underwater Construction Corp

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Marine Construction

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Parker Hannifin Energy Segment

Construction and Rehabilitation Services

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Crossflow turbines

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