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Global Diving & Salvage Inc
3840 W Marginal Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106
United States

Year Founded: 1979
No. of Employees: 350
Key Personnel: Estimating Group Mgr: Renee Gowdy
Phone: 206-632-0621
Fax: 206-932-9036

Global Diving & Salvage Inc

Global Diving & Salvage Inc

Contractors and government agencies rely on Global Diving for their innovation and problem solving abilities in adverse environments. Projects include marine construction, commercial diving, salvage, emergency response, and environmental remediation.

Global Diving & Salvage Inc Products

Global Diving's Marine Construction Projects

Provides project management for control structure, electrical upgrade throughout... View Product

Global Diving's Cofferdam Installation

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. provided a dive crew to install and seal a 25’ x 1... View Product

Global Diving & Savage Marine Construction

Divers welded into place 'split-pipe' sleeves to protect an already in-place ste... View Product

Global Diving & Salvage Burning/Welding Equipment

From just under the surface to 1,000 feet deep, Global has the tools, equipment ... View Product

Concrete Demolition Equipment

Our equipment expertise ranges from hand held chipping hammers to 70,000 pound b... View Product