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Fematics Canada Inc
1100 St-Amour
St-Laurent, QC H4S 1J2

Year Founded: 1961
No. of Employees: 25
Key Personnel: Business Development Manager: Martin Paquette
Phone: 514-331-3712
Fax: 514-331-5656

Fematics Canada Inc

Fematics Canada Inc

Has designed, engineered and manufactured high-performance mechanical seals for the hydro turbine, pulp and paper, chemicals and marine industries worldwide for over 55 years. Offers sizes up to 90 inch diameter.

Fematics Canada Inc Products


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Axial seals

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Radial seals

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Packing box seals

Is the sole distributor in Canada of the 3300G® braided graphite packing materia... View Product

Cartridge turbine seals

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