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Ecofish Research Ltd
906-595 Howe St
Vancouver, BC V6C 2T5

Year Founded: 2000
No. of Employees: 70
Key Personnel: Prin/Sr Biologist: Adam Lewis
Phone: 604-608-6180
Fax: 604-599-6180

Ecofish Research Ltd

Ecofish Research Ltd

Specializes in the environmental assessment and monitoring of hydroelectric projects. Provides technical and analytical services on hydrology, fisheries and aquatic issues, as well as wildlife and terrestrial ecology.

Ecofish Research Ltd Products

Environment Assessment & Permitting

Is a leader in conducting aquatic impact assessments. Has experience in mining, ... View Product

Monitoring and Auditing

Ecofish assists clients with post-construction monitoring to assess the impacts ... View Product

Instream Flow Assessment

Ecofish's professional team of hydrologist and modelers confidently predict flow... View Product