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New Project Development and Construction

Many companies provide products and services designed to aid in dam construction and all aspects of the development and commissioning of new hydroelectric projects worldwide.
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Featured Suppliers

A diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor, Koontz Electric has been providing high-quality service nationwide to the hydro industry for over 50 years. We maintain a team of experienced prof...
Operates as a full service marine & underwater construction company providing construction and underwater services for the conduct of design-build and dam rehabilitation projects large and small.

Black & Veatch, Rancho Cordova, CA - 5 Products

Black & Veatch is global leader in building critical human infrastructure in the energy (including hydropower), water, telecommunications and government services markets. Since 1915, has helped client...
Provides disassembly and reassembly of hydro turbines and generators, field machining and cavitation repair, generator testing, supervision of generator rewinds, technical directions, staff augmentati...
ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“From Water to Wire") for hydropower plants. With over 170 years of accumulated experience and more than 30,000 turbines i...
WKV manufactures Pelton, Francis, Crossflow and Turgo turbines <25 MW, speed and level governors, synchronous alternators <30 MVA (specialized on HEP, but also for various applications and prime mover...
Established in 1853, Gilkes is an international company exporting to over 80 countries worldwide Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manuf...
Specializing in dam construction and repair services, including underwater inspections, underwater and above water concrete repairs, gate replacements, millwright services, pile driving, and scour rem...
Hibbard Inshore is an underwater services company experienced in internal long tunnel, penstock, trash rack, bathymetry, and general dam projects, with a range of sensors, tooling, and remotely operat...

Featured Products

Scottish Water Hydropower Programme

Black & Veatch

Program and Construction Management (PMCM)

Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch Power Generation Projects

Black & Veatch

Complete System Service

Wasserkraft Volk AG

Harbor Management Services

JF Brennan Co Inc

Black & Veatch Reconctruction Project

Black & Veatch



Hydroelectric Generation Consulting

Wenckus Engineering