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Basler Electric
12570 Rt 143
Highland, IL 62249
United States

Year Founded: 1942
No. of Employees: 480
Key Personnel: VP Mktg: Larry Perez
Phone: 618-654-2341
Fax: 618-654-2351

Basler Electric

Basler Electric

Basler has a global presence and reputation for high quality reliable products, precision manufacturing, and worldwide service. Headquartered in Highland IL in 1942, Basler has supplied generator control and protective devices into the hydro industry since 1960. Digital Excitation Control Systems for generator applications provide excitation currents up to 10,000

Basler Electric Products

DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control Systens

The DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control System provides accurate and reliable r... View Product

DECS-250N, Digital Excitation Control System with Negative Forcing

Complete digital excitation control system featuring precise voltage, var and po... View Product

SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller

The SMC-250 Synchronous Motor Controller combines the DECS-250 Digital Excitatio... View Product

IDP-801 and IDP-1201 Interactive Display Panels

High-resolution, color, touch screen interfaces for Basler's Excitation Systems... View Product

Basler's BE1-11g Generator Protection System

Multifunction protection system with a comprehensive suite of relay functions to... View Product

DECS-400 Digital Excitation Control System

Provides excitation control for synchronous generators with analog outputs cont... View Product

SGC-250N, Synchronous Generator Controller

Preconfigured chassis solution with a DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control Syst... View Product

DECS-400, Digital Excitation Control System

Versatile digital excitation control system for synchronous generators, ideal fo... View Product

DECS-2100 Digital Excitation Control Systems

Powerful and flexible excitation system that precisely controls, protects, and m... View Product

BE1-11m Motor Protection System

Multifunction Protection System providing comprehensive and easy to define monit... View Product