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AW Chesterton Co
860 Salem St
Groveland, MA 01834
United States

Year Founded: 1884
Key Personnel: Mktg Comms Spec: Christine Metcalf
Phone: 978-469-6446

AW Chesterton Co

AW Chesterton Co

Since 1884, Chesterton has been implementing value-driven global hydropower solutions. Solutions include:
Advanced turbine shaft sealing
Leak-free polymeric sealing for wicket gates
Advanced reinforced repair coatings
Lubricants and cleaners

AW Chesterton Co Products

Split Mechanical Seals

Chesterton Split Seals are designed to seal leak-free. Utilizing our technology ... View Product

Lubricant 662FG

Chesterton ultra clean 662 FG is an ISO grade 22, high-performance lubricant des... View Product

Commissioning and Training

Chesterton's sealing specialists provide field technical assistance during inst... View Product

Industrial Lubricants/MRO Chemicals

Chesterton has developed a broad range of lubricants, cleaners and MRO technolog... View Product