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American Babbitt Bearing
80 Industrial Ln
Huntington, WV 25702
United States

Year Founded: 1992
No. of Employees: 30
Key Personnel: Sales and Project Manager: Nick Smith
Phone: 304-523-5700
Fax: 304-523-1222

American Babbitt Bearing

American Babbitt Bearing

American Babbitt supports the hydro industry and provides complete support for repair and manufacturing of thrust shoes, turbine guide bearings and generator guide bearings. We offer fabrication with certified welders and large machining capabilities, up to 10' outside diameter.

American Babbitt Bearing Products

American Babbit Bearing

Hydro Power Services - Manufacturing and repair of Thrust Shoes, Guide Shoes and... View Product

Turbine Guide Bearings

Turbine Guide Bearing - centrifugally cast bearings up to 120" OD, ASTM certifie... View Product

Generator Guide Shoes

Generator Guide Shoes - Manufacture and repair. Final dimensional inspection bei... View Product

Thrust Shoes

American Babbitt Bearing repairs and manufactures Thrust Shoes for the Hydro Ind... View Product