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Featured Suppliers

Northbrook Power Management provides third-party management and O&M services throughout the US. The Northbrook team comprises specialists in engineering, operations, regulatory, finance and accounting...
Supports hydro OEMs and end users with custom bearing engineering design, problem-solving, manufacturing and repairs. Let us e-mail you a PDF summary of our extensive experience. Founded 1920.
Parker Hannifin's Energy Platform group offers solutions for hydroelectric systems, including hydraulic cylinders and power units, wireless vibration sensors, filtration, fluid conveyance, conditioni...
Are the oldest water lubricated/self-lubricated bearings known to man and is the best answer for hydro power plants. No other water lubricated bearing last as long and has the pristine history of wate...
Operates as a full service marine and underwater construction company providing construction and underwater services for the conduct of design-build and dam rehabilitation projects large and small.
The MWH community, now part of Stantec, unites approximately 22,000 employees in over 400 locations across six continents. From initial concept and planning through design, construction, and commissio...
Manufactures water turbines and pumps. Manages the implementation and coordination of the hydro-projects for the North and Central American markets.
Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing, service and plant upgrades. Gilkes range of Pelton, ...
Is a diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor and has been providing high-quality service nationwide to the hydro industry for over 50 years. Maintains a team of experienced professionals wi...
Dynamic Ratings is a global supplier of electrical apparatus monitoring, controls and communications equipment. We serve customers to improve power generation, transmission, and distribution system re...

Featured Products

Turbine Repair and Maintenance

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc

Specialty Infrastructure

PCiRoads LLC

The Diagnostic Transformer Monitor (DTM)

Dynamic Ratings Inc


MWH, now part of Stantec

DECS-250N, Digital Excitation Control System with Negative Forcing

Basler Electric

Jefferson Labratories Electrical Distribution Replacement

Koontz Electric Co Inc

Rotordynamics Audits, Analysis And Vibration Diagnostics

Pioneer Motor Bearing Co


Worthington Products Inc

Francis Turbines

Wasserkraft Volk AG

Pelton Turbines

Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd

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