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HYDROS R US, Stewartstown, PA - 1 Product

Offers complete supply and service for new development - repowering and repair - concept to commissioning.
Since 2001, in over 52-Countries, the World's Dam Owners have trusted Worthington for all their waterway barrier needs. We provide: Log & Debris Booms, Ice Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Public Safety...
Manufactures trash racks and rakers for power generation, wastewater treatment plants, pulp, paper and steel mills, municipal water intakes, storm water pump stations and petro chemical industries.
Has installed over 40,000 generators and turbines worldwide. A full-line supplier for advanced hydroelectric equipment, technology, and services to the renewable energy market. Voith Hydro is a Group ...
Specializes in the restoration and repair of large infrastructure.
Northbrook Power Management is a provider of third party management and O&M services throughout the U.S. The Northbrook team comprises specialists in engineering, operations, regulatory, finance and a...
Provides complete end-to-end services throughout the life cycle of a project, from strategy and planning through development and delivery of technical solutions.
Offers turnkey solutions for custom powerhouse cranes, gate hoists, gate handling gantry cranes and stoplog hoists and pinion lifters with an in-house group of 35 engineers mastering all disciplines.
Established in 1853, Gilkes is an international company exporting to over 80 countries worldwide Gilkes offers complete water-to-wire solutions for hydroelectric developments, including design, manuf...
Seal leaks in the monolith joints of concrete gravity dams. Our revolutionary and proprietary CYLutions cylinders replace failed waterstops in leaking monolith joints in your dams. Installations inclu...

Featured Products

Concrete Division

PCiRoads LLC

HCMS Field Machining & Cavitation Repair

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc

Trash Rake System

Hydro Component Systems LLC


Wasserkraft Volk AG


Alpine Machine Co Inc

Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization

Black & Veatch



Wärtsilä REsafe Guide Bearings

Wärtsilä Hydro & Industrial Services

Turbine-Generator Rehabilitation

Voith Hydro Inc


Worthington Products Inc

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